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Using only fabric from premium domestic suppliers like Westex and Springfield we are able to guarantee our products will maintain flame-resistance for the life of the garment. Our customers can have peace of mind knowing Saf-Tech garments are only produced with fabrics that have consistently maintained flame resistance under the harshest test conditions for over 25 years.

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Westex Indura®

Westex Indura® was the first cotton fabric engineered to provide guaranteed flame resistance for the life of the garment. First introduced in 1987, Westex Indura® provides excellent multi-hazard protection and is a great choice for those who are budget conscious.

Available In: Pants, Shirts, Coveralls, Jackets, Bib Overalls

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Westex UltraSoft®

Westex UltraSoft® is one of the leading FR fabrics in the market today. It has a strong reputation for providing excellent comfort along with guaranteed flame resistance for the life of the garment at a great value. Westex UltraSoft® is ideal for protection from electric arc flash, flash fire exposures, molten ferrous metal splash and welding exposures.

Available In: Pants, Shirts, Coveralls, Jackets, Bib Overalls

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Westex AllOut™

Designed for inclement weather conditions, Westex AllOut™ provides durable water repellency along with enhanced wind resistance while maintaining good breathability. When combined with Westex InsulAir™ insulation, the cold weather garments protect from harsh wind, wetness and cold – without weighing you down. Westex AllOut™ is certified to NFPA 2112 and the enhanced wind resistant technology eliminates the need for a non-compliant NFPA 2112 vapor barrier.

Available in: Saf-Tech garments soon.

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A new line of quilted products made with Silica Rayon and Poly High Loft offer excellent thermal stability in cold outdoor environments. Westex InsulAir™ is available in light, mid and heavy-weight insulation systems that are NFPA 2112 certified and guaranteed flame resistant for the life of the garment. When combined with Westex AllOut™, workers will stay warm and comfortable in even the harshest cold weather conditions.

Used as insulation in: Jackets, Coveralls, Bib Overalls

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Westex Indigo™ is an innovative flame resistant denim that looks like everyday jeans and provides superior protection, comfort and softness. Guaranteed flame resistant for the life of the garment in either high‑temperature industrial or home washing procedures.

Available in:Saf-Tech garments soon.